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Winnipeg Police Unlawfully Commit home raid, Abuduct at Gun point

December 05, 2007 12:46AM EST [article.get_as_pdf]
U.S. AIRLINE ATTACK MN PRECIPITATES ILLICIT Oct 27/07 WPG POLICE(click) COLLUSION HOME ATTACK (without warrant or charges)- RAID OF HOME by Wpg Police Officers Rodewald #2375 , Sushnyk #2450 and 6 others (CLICK) (8 police total)

***Jan 16/08 2 of these SAME officers were publically charged in the media!!- along with 2 other Winnipeg Police (including former Wpg Police Cheif Ewatski's own stepson Jess Zebron
(4 officers charged in
Four Winnipeg police officers facing charges, job status under review
The Canadian Press - 15 Jan 2008
Two other constables, James Peter Sushnyk, 26, and Michael Thomas Rodewald, 28, are also facing charges of unlawfully being in a dwelling house. Winnipeg ...
Four Winnipeg officers face charges over raid Globe and Mail
Four officers facing charges Winnipeg Sun
Four Officers Charged CJOB

In the Oct 27/07 attack upon my person, all 'officers' went in guns drawn and pointed at me) AND ...12 hour detention no food no water ...THREATS OF ILLICIT INFORMAL ABDUCTION EXTRADITION TO THE UNITED STATES (where torture is now sanctioned under the Security Commissions Act) (I am a Canadian Citizen)!!

Profiled and attacked in the United States ( at Minneapolis Airport Jan 18/06, law enforcement and F.B.I have acted in collusion and Oct 27/07 Winnipeg (Canada, Manitoba) Police, without charges or warrant, came to my home pointed guns, raided my home, abducted me and threatened extradition, stating they were in communication with MN law enforcement. Our trial in MN had members of FBI NSA CIA MN Police Military and NWA airline employees on the "Jury Pool" Attack result of efforts to stop our exposure of top level tyranny/collusion on our website!

Keywords: Human Rights, Security,
To:,, Tel: (416) 287-0110 Fax: (416) 287-6160,
Ottawa, ON, K1A 0A6 Tel: (613) 995-8082 Fax: (613) 993-6587
URGENT! Subject: URGENT DANGER! AIRLINE PROFILING VICTIMS ATTACKED AGAIN OCT 27 AT HOME! Date: Fri, 9 Nov 2007 19:48:28 +0800 From: Oct 27/07 Aaron James attacked by Winnipeg police (Canada) at his own home as an illicit sadistic extension of the Jan 18/2006 Northwest Airlines Profiling attack in Minneapolis United States, demonstrating collusion between Canadian and U.S. 'authorities' in the same likeness as the Air India scandal, the Maher Arar extraordinary rendition and others.ATTN DAN MCTEAGUE RE AIRLINE ATTACK PERSECUTION To Dan McTeague critic for Canadians abroad. Constituency Office*




SUMMARY RECENT COMMUNICATION WITH GOVERNMENT AND N.G.O. OFFICES (UNDER CONSTRUCTION) *OCT 24/07 Letter Sent to Roche Tasse International Civil Liberties Monitoring Group and all Members of Parliament Listed Herein(click)Letter to MP Raymond Simard Following Oct27/07 Attack CLICK HEREMichelle Gross of Communities United Against Police Brutality MN Corroborates Our Case and addrsses government members on our behalf.

*In keeping with other cases of cross border collusion/persecution such as the Arar affair (maherar(dot)ca, Air India, Gary Freeman/John Graham extradition cases and others! The current S.P.P. (Security and Prosperity Partnership) initiative is highly reflected in the consistent them towards cross border collusion and related cases of persecution.

(I include your contact info here on behalf of my mother who is also receiving this email in order that she may contact you to discuss 6758 Kingston Road Unit 3 Toronto, ON, M1B 1G8 Tel: (416) 287-0110 Fax: (416) 287-6160 Email: dan(at) Ottawa OfficeSuite 302, Justice Building House of Commons Ottawa, ON, K1A 0A6 Tel: (613) 995-8082 Fax: (613) 993-6587 ottawa(at)

Mr Dan Mc Teague WE AWAIT YOUR RESPONSE!- MR CAIRO ASSURED US WE WOULD HAVE HEARD FROM YOU BY THIS TIME- WE ARE UNABLE TO REACH MR CAIRO- PLEASE RESPOND! (DAN MC TEAGUE'S ASSISTANT GLENN BRADBURRY WOULD LATER RESPOND "YOU ARE NO LONGER ABROAD AND SO I WILL NOT ASSIST YOU" -and this despite the fact we are still being attacked by criminally charged Winnipeg Police(click) who were acting illegally on behalf of the United States!!(click)

My mother and I had been in contact with your associate Gianluca Cairo (613 947 3120) ,pursuant to the Jan 18th airline profiling attack upon our persons in the United States, Minneapolis and the subsequent attack administered by Winnipeg police upon my person Oct27/07 involving an illicit home raid abduction at gun point and U.S. extradition threats (all without charges or warrent) as evidence of collusion between Canadian and U.S. authorities. A website discussing this in detail can be found at aaronjamesstory (dot) com ; We had met Mr. Cairo at an Oct27 Liberal covention held here in Winnipeg on Oct 20/07. Following my direct questioning of Stephan Dion during question period, as to his position on matters such as ours and issues surrounding homeland security, Mr Cairo extended me his card. Mr Cairo and I spoke on Nov 29/07 about the attack that had taken place 1 month subsequent to having met him in Winnipeg. Apparently he had seen a website created in which comment was made to the effect of him not responding to our calls subsequent to the Oct 20 Liberal convention and contacted the webmaster who contacted an individual by the name of Charles Boylan of COOP Radio, who had done interview with my mother and I and who was cited as a contact of ours on this same website.
I AM NOW FORCED INTO HIDING -DISPLACED FROM MY HOME AND DID INTERVIEW WITH CHARLES BOYLAND OUT IN -30WEATHER ON Nov 29/07. Charles told me about his attempts to contact us during the interview and I was able to reach him on his line-after one month's attempt- immediately thereafter... We had made copius attempts to contact him by phone and had sent him email transmission as of Nov12 but had never received a response.

***Mr. Cario and I spoke on Nov 29 and during conversation***he assured me that he would contact you (Mr. McTeague) immediately and apprise you of our plight and that we would here back from you no later than tuesday Dec4. He stated also that as he leaves for a period of two weeks and would not be available by phone during that time, that I was to let him know today if I hadn't heard back from you.

The time is now 5:47 eastern time and we have not heard from you-I REMAIN IN IMMINENT DANGER-Moreover, I made diligent efforts to reach Mr. Cairo by phone today and yet he was not available (as has been the consistent theme 1 month ongoing now) and has not resonded to the messages I have left him on his line today despite his given assurances.

Canadian consulate/ Foreign affairs and Canadian human rights aswell as local levels of government and MP's (such as Pat Martin, MP Annita Neville, MP Bill Graham) have all shown themselves to be delinquent and dismissive regarding our case and our suffering has continued now one year ongoing. U.S. Officiates have been no less delinquent: the ACLU and MN Human Rights Department and the Center for Constitutional Rights aswell as the U.S. Department of Justice (who now openly sanction torture) are among the U.S. bodies who have left us, collectively with Canadian government, bereft to the devices of judicial tyrany-

We were placed through a trial housing members and affiliates of CIA ,NSA, FBI on the jury, the Hennepin Judiciary has since been proven corrupt with "Collusion between prosecution and judges designed at afflicting minorities, victims of police brutality and the poor" and 'has the highest rate of overprosecution of blacks and minorities in all the United States" according to three independent investigations (CUAPB MN, Jill Clark Defense Coalition and

Threats have been incessent and ongoing (threatening messages, FBI interface with me on online accounts such as YOUTube, intercepted and parched legal mail, FBI at our home, evidence of phone line tapping, erasure of voice mail messages, silent listener calls, a threatening border security phone call -all amidst an array of plea bargains designed at cohersion towards the fasle admission of guilt, a tactic that has been a consistent ploy amidst the Bush administration we are told, in keeping with a 95%conviction rate at the federal level. The recent pluthera of taser attacks in the news, cases of cross border collusion and hostile mandates such as security certificates, removal of habeus corpus, and the like demonstrate a forbodding caveat towards tyrany and rampant societal afflictions and subjugation. Our case is exemplary of these ongoings and is described in the following account:

Linda James, on behalf of Aaron James
Daytime, weekdays: 204-632-5598
Evenings, weekends: 204-889-9134
Monday, January 16th,2006, my son Aaron and I flew from Winnipeg to Rochester, Minnesota, via Minneapolis, to attend an appointment with a surgeon, Dr. Shawn O’Driscoll, at the Mayo Clinic. We had hopes of obtaining further surgery for Aaron’s damaged right arm, and had already booked the surgery, in advance.
Tuesday, January 17th,2006, we were forced to cancel the surgery, after consulting with Dr. O’Driscoll, as he had a concern that further surgery could possibly cause life-long pain, as a result of nerve damage.
Wednesday, January 18th,2006, Aaron and I began our return trip to Winnipeg, from Rochester, via Minneapolis.
After boarding the Northwest Airlines plane in Minneapolis, we encountered an airline attendant who was extremely rude, to both of us, and so made a legitimate complaint about her conduct. We were completely unaware that the flight crew, and the Minneapolis Airport personnel (including airport police) had all just recently finished completing the 911 motivated Homeland Security Passenger Profiling Training Program.
In a very short space of time, Minneapolis Airport Police boarded the aircraft, asking Aaron to accompany them off the plane. When Aaron enquired as to whether there were any charges against him, and whether he was under arrest, the response from the lead officer in the isle of the plane was a clear and emphatic “No sir, there are no charges against you.” and, “No sir, you are not under arrest.” Thus assured, Aaron enquired as to why, then, was he being asked to leave the aircraft. The response from the officer was to shout “cuff ‘im!”, and to lunge at Aaron’s damaged right arm. Aaron was then assaulted and tasered, and badly injured. He still suffers symptoms of heart problems up until this point in time, as a result of the taser being held over his heart for prolonged periods of time, after he had fallen backwards in the isle of the plane (“left chest”, as stated in the police report).
Aaron James/Winnipeg Police – Page 2
After their assault on Aaron, the police were horrified, when I announced that I was leaving the aircraft with Aaron, and that I was his mother! They realized then, that I had witnessed their entire assault. They actually tried to intimidate me into staying on board the aircraft! (They had ignored me up until this point, because Aaron and I do not look ethnically the same, since I am white, and he is mixed race, so they automatically assumed that we were not together!) The officers, once in the airport, refused to give me their names.
NOTE: THE HOMELAND SECURITY PASSENGER PROFILING PROGRAM is supposedly behavioural profiling, but the International Civil Liberties Monitoring Group, in Ottawa, has discovered that North West Airlines has illegally handed over approximately 6000 CD’s of passenger records, containing over 750,000 passenger names, with personal information, to the F.B.I., to create CAPS – a computer-assisted profiling system (which is obviously not based on behaviour, but on passenger data). This airline, and this airport, have been involved in numerous other distasteful and sometimes violent profiling events, in addition to the assault on Aaron.

During the ensuing 9 days that Aaron was detained in Minneapolis, the officers created an incredible story, stating that Aaron had head-butted an officer, and then laid a felony assault charge to that effect against him. Aaron was then released, with instructions to return for court appearances, as required. Aaron was ultimately found not guilty of the felony assault charge, however, a minor assault charge had been added, only days before the trial, and Aaron was found guilty of that charge, in spite of the fact that he had been the one who was assaulted, injured, and tasered.
It needs to be noted here that the jury pool, at the trial, was heavily weighted with members of, or family of, or friends of, FBI, NSA, CIA, City Police, security guards, a prosecuting attorney, and Northwest Airlines employees, to the extent that our Minneapolis lawyer commented pointedly on the odd and unusual situation.
Aaron James/Winnipeg Police – Page 3
Also, as per the Minneapolis Communities United Against Police Brutality (CUAPB), serious instances of judicial corruption have been uncovered in Minneapolis, where there has been found to be “collusion between prosecution and judges, aimed at targeting minorities, the poor, and the victims of police brutality, with the highest rate of prosecution of black Americans in all of the United States, with a rate of 21 blacks for each white person, in Minneapolis prisons”.
As a result of the officers’ assault on Aaron, he began to have very severe heart attack symptoms, and, up until now, has been hospitalized approximately seven or eight times, with severe chest pains, pain down his left arm, shortness of breath and tightness in his chest. It has been speculated by the emergency doctors who have treated Aaron, that these symptoms may be the result of some form of panic attack, brought on by stress. The attacks normally occur in the middle of the night, when Aaron has been asleep for some time, and they cause him to wake up, in pain! We very much fear that there has been heart damage, as a result of the extensive use of the taser during the assault. Until the officers’ assault on Aaron, he had never suffered such symptoms at any time in his life.
Aaron became so unwell as a result of this, that he was unable to return to Minneapolis for the sentencing hearing, although we had managed to attend the arraignment, and the trial. Since he had been found guilty of the minor assault only, we had been told that he would most probably be given 6 months of probation, at the most, as a result of this false finding. Not being able to return for sentencing, unfortunately, meant that Aaron would be arrested should he ever return to the United States, however, it could not be helped at the time, and neither Aaron nor myself have any desire whatsoever to return to the United States at any time in the future.
I need to stress here, that the guilty finding, on the minor assault charge, is not an extraditable offence.Aaron can not lawfully be returned to the United States by force, from Canada, either by United States Marshals, or by any Canadian law enforcement body! This has been confirmed by the lawyer (Jeffrey Gindin of Winnipeg) with whom we have recently consulted.
Aaron James/Winnipeg Police – Page 4
It is very important to be aware of this, because of the account of recent actions by the Winnipeg Police, which I will describe to you shortly.

From the time that we first returned to Winnipeg, after the vicious assault on the aircraft, Aaron and I have been determined to seek justice, and expose the truth, in the face of the overwhelming media coverage of the Minneapolis Police’s false story of Aaron’s having head-butted an officer, which was released and published as fact, immediately after the incident. It has been an enormous and difficult task. We have contacted countless and various groups and organizations, and have given multiple radio interviews, and have a large website which reveals what actually occurred in Minneapolis.
During the process of doing all of this, it has been made known to us, in numerous ways, that our efforts have not been appreciated by the “powers that be” in the United States. (Registered mail which was sent to Aaron has been intercepted, a pointedly threatening message was left on a friend’s answering machine, warning him not to provide assistance, and, threatening comments have been placed on our website, to name some examples.)

The latest of these events is extremely disturbing and frightening, as it involves the Winnipeg Police Force, acting in conjunction with the Minneapolis Police, BY THEIR OWN ADMISSION, IN CONVERSATION WITH AARON!

(As per Aaron James, #2-390 Stradbrook Avenue, 474-0654)
Saturday, October 27,2007, Illegal Entry Through Use Of Coercive Threats……-> Illegal Search, Illegal Seizure, Illegal Detention - All Under False Pretenses:
Police began pounding at Aaron’s door, at approximately 10:20 A.M., on Saturday, October 27th, while Aaron was still sleeping.
Aaron James/Winnipeg Police – Page 5
The officers claimed that they needed to speak to Aaron concerning an outstanding charge against him. They said that they did not have a warrant with them, but, they threatened to go back to the station and get their warrant, and then return and kick in Aaron’s door, if he didn’t get up and open it immediately.
Note: It was 11 hours later (during which time no food had been offered), at the end of the evening, that the Winnipeg Police admitted to Aaron that the warrant which they had referred to, and which they had used as a lever, under false pretenses, to perpetrate this incident, did not exist. No charges had been laid against Aaron.____________
With the police officers at the door, Aaron quickly called a number of people, in particular myself, and our journalist, Lesley Hughes, so he would have the protection of having others know what was occurring.
Aaron opened his door to find six to eight Winnipeg Police officers, all with their guns drawn and pointed at him!
Aaron was then handcuffed, in spite of the fact that there was, in reality, no arrest warrant! He was placed in a police car, and detained there, while the officers searched his apartment for at least a half an hour, again, although they later admitted that they had no legal document of any sort, which would have entitled them to do so!
Aaron asked about the long wait, stating that their actions constituted illegal search and entry. One of the officers told him that they were just having trouble locking the door, which was an obvious lie.
Later, it was revealed that they had made an illegal seizure of property, in addition to the illegal entry of Aaron’s home. This was a planned episode of extreme police harassment and a violation of a citizen’s right to be free from unlawful search and seizure, as well as, a premeditated criminal assault with weapons.
Aaron was taken to the Princess Street police station, and put into a holding cell. He was not read his rights. He then asked to place a call to me (his mother). He was told that the line was busy.

He then asked to place a call to Lesley Hughes, our journalist, saying that she is writing an article on us. They refused all phone privileges at this point, saying that the use of the phone was only offered as a courtesy, and they were withdrawing the courtesy, except with regard to calling an attorney. It is important to remember that the officers, as they admitted, 11 hours later, did not have a legal document entitling them to be at Aaron’s door, let alone to carry out their ensuing actions!
The officers asked Aaron if he wanted an attorney or if he
first wanted to find out if they would be releasing him. He said that he would wait. A long period of time passed (several hours) during which time he heard abuses taking place in other cells). He was finally allowed to phone a legal aid attorney, who advised him to say nothing to the police, and to wait until he got legal counsel, once he was transferred to the remand centre (as he was led to believe he would be), before speaking to a magistrate. (The Legal Aid Attorney was Mary Knight)……It is important to remember that, throughout all of this time, there was no legal document to support any of their actions!
Attempts were made to coerce Aaron into speaking to a video magistrate, in spite of the advice from Legal Aid.
Many hours passed, and, at one point, a junior officer stated that it would only be another 5 minutes, and then Aaron would be transferred to the remand centre. Another several hours passed, and, despite many knocks at the door, no one actually came in.
During these hours Aaron overheard police threatening inmates on numerous occasions.
- Example: A police officer is overheard to say, “You’re lucky you’re just in cuffs and that I’m not throwing you up against a wall and beating your ass!”

It is fairly apparent to me that this entire event was executed at the behest of law enforcement personnel in Minneapolis, the idea being to silence us and “shut us down”, if at all possible!There is no other logical explanation for what occurred.
Aaron James/Winnipeg Police – Page7
Aaron and I have been relentless in our ongoing efforts to expose the truth about what actually happened in Minneapolis, and it appears that our efforts have been having some impact, and the authorities in Minneapolis do not appreciate what we have been doing:
While Aaron was detained, police officers stood outside the door of the room where he was being held, peering in, and heckling him, saying “Hey, that’s the guy who lost it on the plane……Is he a big boy?”……”Yeah, he’s a big boy”…… continuing to peer in, “He’s crazy!” “Do you think you can take him?……”Yeah, I can handle him.”

The police threatened, repeatedly, to send Aaron to the United States.
They told him: “Minneapolis says they have unfinished business with you! We have guys coming up here from there all the time, to train. They say they want you down there. We are considering keeping you locked up long enough for them to come and get you!”
The police also told Aaron that they had already called Minneapolis and talked to them about extradition! Aaron then told them “They can’t extradite over a misdemeanor”. The officers replied “Hey, that’s what they want, they said, and there’s a warrant!” They inferred that Aaron’s “transfer” might be extradition to the United States, instead of his being sent to the remand centre. They claimed that their senior officers had wanted to extradite him to Minneapolis, but that they had “gone to bat for him” to try to prevent that from happening! Also, during the final discussion with Aaron, one of the officers told him that they had come to his door with the specific intention of extraditing him to the United States. “When we came, we thought that the extradition request had already been processed.” The officers then said “And it may be processed later today, tomorrow, next week, or next month, who knows?”
Yet, 11 hours later, in the evening, when they finally released Aaron, they then told him that there had been no outstanding warrant against him after all.
Aaron James/Winnipeg Police – Page 8

Prior to his release, Aaron was told by the police, that they would be coming back to speak with him again, the following week.
Again, I feel very strongly that this attack against Aaron has most likely been instigated, under the table, by U.S. authorities, to try to discredit our case against them, and to “shut us down”, with the hopes of eliminating any further publicity, and any possible official political scrutiny that might take place, since we are making every effort possible to expose what was done to us while we were in Minneapolis, and all the subsequent aftermath.
Linda James, as per Aaron James
We are formally requesting your immediate response. "I Do Not Accept this" -these were the words of Monia Mozigh when left bereft to the devices of U.S. tyrany and an extraordinary rendition that would plunge her husband into a torrent of torture for 1 year's duration. I also CANNOT ACCEPT THE CURRENT STATE OF AFFAIRS- government have been shown complicit in our affair, as consistent with other high profile cases of this kind, and we seek relief from the immediate crisis of illegal oppression and threat from local law enforcement as an extension of the collusion and delinquency of the federal government in dealing with the U.S. attack upon our persons. This illicit persecution is a shameful display of tyrannical government initiative.

Please respond as soon as possible-SITUATION IS CRITICAL. My mother can be contacted at 204 632 5598/ 204 889 9134 ***she is waiting to here from you! Our journalist Lesley Hughes of Canadian Dimension Magazine can be reached at 204 275 5757 E: Roche Tasse of the International Civil Liberties Monitoring Group (ICLMG) with whom we have been in contact for over 1 year's duration now, may be reached at: rocht (at) ph: 613 241 5298. Sincerely, Aaron James
AARON JAMES 204 889 9134
Winnipeg police, Ewatski, police brutalityWinnipeg police, Ewatski, police brutalityWinnipeg police, Ewatski, police brutalityWinnipeg police, Ewatski, police brutalityWinnipeg police, Ewatski, police brutalityWinnipeg police, Ewatski, police brutalityWinnipeg police, Ewatski, police brutalityWinnipeg police, Ewatski, police brutalityWinnipeg police, Ewatski, police brutalityWinnipeg police, Ewatski, police brutality

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